Industries Served

Sandbags To Go provides filled sandbags, erosion control products and custom bagging services to the entire continental United States and Alaska. We have completed projects for the Federal Government, state and local governments, the military, commercial companies, transportation authorities and the pipeline industry. We are proud to partner with veterans and we actively support the Semper Fi Fund through contributions.

Pipeline Construction

Here at Sandbags To Go, we are fully equipped to supply your pipeline project. We also ensure timely delivery of our services and products with the assistance of our Veteran-owned trucking service. With the pipeline growth on the rise, it is critical that costs are minimized and products are environmentally safe during these pipeline expansions. This is the reason Sandbags To Go is able to offer any type of sandbag or erosion control product you may be in need of. Consider utilizing our Polypropylene Sandbags or Tote/Bulk Bag during your next pipeline construction project.

Hydraulic Works (Cofferdams)

Cofferdams are useful when you need move water out of a certain area in order to work on a pier or perform some of type of other hydraulic work. A simple cofferdam method that is suitable in many instances is to use bulk bags full of sand to quickly install a watertight border. These can be used to reroute flowing water or section off an area of standing water to pump out. They are quick and easy to install and remove. Of course, any cofferdam must be sturdy and well-braced to withstand the horizontal forces from the surrounding body of water when the water inside is pumped from the cofferdam or from the flowing water pushing against it. Our Tote/Bulk Bag sandbags are strong and heavy enough to handle this force.

Highway Construction

Sandbags To Go has a proud history of supplying products to support our nation’s highways and infrastructure. Our sandbags can be utilized for a variety of highway construction projects. They are perfect for constructing barricades, supporting signage, temporary curbing and drainage, weighing down tarps, and stabilizing temporary fencing. Our products can also be used for erosion control purposes such as water management, contamination control, and soil stabilization. Consider utilizing our Polypropylene Sandbags, Grab Bags, or Silt Socks for your next highway construction project.


Sandbags To Go’s products are perfect for utlization in your next aviation or aerospace project. Our Grab Bags (ballast bags) can used to attain proper weight and balance within aircrafts before takeoff. These reusable bags are high-quality, durable, and easy to transport. Consider utilizing our popular Grab Bags for your next aviation project.

Movie Production

Sandbags To Go has provided a variety of products for commercial, television, and movie productions. Our Grab Bags are perfect for easy transportation and weighing down signage, backdrops, or video equipment. Other uses of our products include practical effects, stunts, bunker construction, and props. Consider utilizing our popular Grab Bags or High-Strength Military Sandbags for your next film production.

Commercial Fencing

Sandbags To Go offers solutions for your commercial fencing or temporary fencing project. Sandbags such as our Polypropylene Sandbags or Double Reinforced Polyethylene Sandbags can be used to weigh down the bases of fences in order to safely prevent leaning or movement.

Bridge Construction

Sandbags To Go is proud to support our nation’s bridges and waterway infrastructure with high-quality sandbags and erosion control products. We offer a variety of products that can be used in the construction of cofferdams in order to block or re-route water during bridge construction. Consider utilizing our Tote/Bulk Bag during your next bridge construction project.


Sandbags To Go’s sandbag products are perfect for use at events, weighing down tents and canopies. Consider our Grab Bag product for this purpose – it is durable and reusable, with convenient high-strength handles for easy transportation.

Government Agencies/FEMA/Public Works

Sandbags To Go is proud to supply sandbags and erosion control products to FEMA, Public Works, and other government agencies. Many of our products can be used during floods and hurricanes to control and redirect water. We offer around-the-clock service in case of emergencies and will work with you to have your products delivered as quickly as possible. Consider utilizing our Polypropylene Sandbags, Straw Wattles, or Yellow Monofilament Sandbags during your next flood control or field construction project.


Sandbags To Go sandbags can be utilized to create effective seawalls to prevent storm surges and erosion. Seawalls are temporary structures designed to control flooding and erosion on shorelines. Our Tote/Bulk Bags are perfect for creating stable, durable seawalls. For smaller walls, consider our Polypropylene Sandbags or our Double Reinforced Polyethylene Sandbags.

Living Retaining Walls

Sandbags To Go’s products can be used to support living retaining walls, also known as vegetated retaining walls. Our GeoTex Non-Woven Bag can be filled with gravel, sand, or soil, and is a great solution for the needs of your next living wall project.


Sandbags To Go’s products are perfect for your next railway construction project. Our Grab Bags (ballast bags) are easily transportable and durable, making them a great option for balance and weight testing of train cars and rails.


Sandbags To Go is a proud supporter of our nation’s military, providing sandbags for their engineering, flood mitigation, training, and combat needs. Our High-Strength Military Sandbags are specially produced to meet the standards of federal and military emergency responders. These bags can be used for a variety of purposes, such as the construction of tactical walls, protective bunkers, and water barriers.