Sandbags Calculator

This sandbags calculator will help walk you though calculating a ballpark number of sandbags you need for your project. Calculate your sandbag quantities using either the pyramid stack placement method or the single stack placement method.

Pyramid Sandbag Placement

When constructing a sandbag pyramid, use the following information to calculate the pyramid dimensions (measurements are for 40lb bags, compacted):

  • 1 bag in length equals about 1 foot.
  • 3 bags in width equals about 2-1/2 feet.
  • 3 bags in height equals about 1 foot.

The pyramid should be constructed by laying an equal number of horizontal rows on the bottom as
there are vertical layers.

Use the following information to determine how many bags are required per 100 linear feet of levee:

  • 1 foot of height requires 600 bags.
  • 2 feet of height requires 2100 bags.
  • 3 feet of height requires 4500 bags.
  • 4 feet of height requires 7800 bags.

Single Stack Placement

A single row of sandbags works well in areas without streamflow or floating debris. It is generally not recommended to stack a single row over 3 bags in height (approximately 1 foot).

For more detailed instructions on how to properly place sandbags and calculate how many required, consult The US Army Corps of Engineers Sandbagging Techniques PDF. Our sandbag and erosion control specialists are also available to help you at 866-550-2247.

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